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Jim Tweedy

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Jim Tweedy

For the most part, the Friendly Doggies are paintined in watercolor, however, a few of them are rendered in acrylic on canvas. "It all depends on exactly what the Doggies are up to," says Tweedy. "If I think the action in the painting calls for bold colors to get the point across, I'll go to acrylic. Even though my main goal is to put a smile on your face, the paintings are more than just about funny cartoons. The backgrounds and the settings my Doggies are in are every bit as important as the cartoons themselves. I consider them serious paintings from an artistic standpoint. Each one is an important work of art to me; appropriate enough to be hung in any room or office."

Today, Jim lives in Mandeville, Louisiana, with his wife, Robyn and their four children. And, oh yes, he still has his cat, Charlie.

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