Terrance Osborne

Terrance Osborne, a 30 year old native New Orleanian, grew up in the heart of our culturally rich city, being inspired by his diverse and colorful social surroundings. Osborne always held an undercurrent interest in art, largely fueled by his mother and his older brother. Facinated by color, Osborne worked with whatever materials he could get his hands on. Finally, in 1991, under the guidance of artist Richard Thomas, he was able to paint with the passion and expression that he had been so desperate to release.

Osborne graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Xavier University in New Orleans and in the same year began teaching in the public school system. Over the past ten years Osborne has been featured, many times over, in mostly all major news venues in the city. In 2004 He recieved the honorary "Forty Under Forty Award" for his teaching and artistic contributions to the city of New Orleans.

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Sir Toaster

Introducing, Sir Toaster! Toaster is my great, Great Dane. He is a super mild mannered dog who loves to be affectionate. It is a delight to paint him in all is glory. And what else does a Great Dane living in New Orleans want to eat? Gumbo of course! Print measures 17.5" x 34" There are also 50 special limited edition, signed & numbered remarqued prints available. Just click the option. Print measures 17.5" x 34"


Jacques Imo Evening

Here you get two examples of true New Orleans in one! The famous Jacques-Imo's restaurant and Osborne has teamed up to bring you this one of a kind print. Measures 29.5" x 23.5"


Uptown Bound

Uptown Bound is a delightful tribute to Uptown New Orleans, one of my favorite parts of the city. Lithograph print measures 18"x 31" and comes signed.


The Flavor of New Orleans

French Market Coffee and I have join forces to bring you this wonderful special limited edition print. The Flavor of New Orleans is my take on what happens when I sit down to enjoy that rich, down-home flavor. The steam has within it, all things New Orleans. The print comes signed and special remarqued(artist drawing). It measures 18"x32"