Information courtesy Kevin R Roberts

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These 11x14" prints commemorate many of our favorite neighborhood landmarks. I designed them to be hung in grouping; like over your sofa in the den, or that hallway in your home, or the company break room, or a dorm room, or even your fishing camp.

Don't let the modest $25.00 price fool you -- these prints are very suitable for framing (and collecting). They were printed on a $40,000, 6-color, digital press using a new technology that applies liquid inks using a patented electrostatic process. The manufacturer estimates that these prints will resist fading for 100 years. I am very impressed with the wide color gamut and continuous tone of these images. They are a solid value.

"Hubig's Pies - 9th Ward"
Commemorative Print #CP-5030
$25.00 :: [11x14"]


"Bourbon Street Lantern"
Commemorative Print #CP-5032
$25.00 :: [11x14"]

"The Saint Louis Cathedral, 1851"
Commemorative Print #CP-5018
$25.00 :: [11x14"]

"Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, 1772"
Commemorative Print #CP-5012
$25.00 :: [14x11"]

"New Canal Lighthouse, ca. 1890"
Commemorative Print #CP-5010
$25.00 :: [14x11"]

"River Shack Tavern"
Commemorative Print #CP-5016
$25.00 :: [14x11"]

"King Gambrinus - Falstaff Brewery"
Commemorative Print #CP-5022
$25.00 :: [14x11"]

"Rock 'n' Bowl - New Orleans"
Commemorative Print #CP-5038
$25.00 :: [11x14"]

"Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar"
Commemorative Print #CP-5024
$25.00 :: [11x14"]

"Commander's Palace - New Orleans, 1880"
#CP-5040 :: $25.00

"Major General Andrew Jackson"
Commemorative Print #CP-5028
$25.00 :: [14x11"]

"Liuzza's Restaurant - New Orleans, 1947"

"New Orleans Museum of Art"
#CP-5046 :: $25.00

"Dixie Brewery - New Orleans, 1907"
#CP-5042 :: $25.00

"Tipitina's -- Napoleon Avenue at Tchopitoulas"
#CP-5020 :: $25.00

"F&M Patio Bar - New Orleans, since 1936"
#CP-5034 :: $25.00

"Bud's Broiler at City Park, since 1958"
#CP-5036 :: $25.00

"Pat O'Brien's Patio Bar - New Orleans, 1936"
#CP-5048 :: $25.00

"Tattoo Parlor - Rampart Street"
#CP-5052 :: $25.00

"Fritzel's European Jazz Club - New Orleans"
#CP-5050 :: $25.00