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Crescent City Classic

2005 Crescent City Poster
2002 Crescent City Classic
32 1/8 x 24 1/4

Signed - $40.00
Signed & Numbered- $70.00

2002: Commemorative Serigraph Print by Tuna Seither

Like the work in progress that is New Orleans, artist tuna Seither can't decide if this year's print is a painting or a sketch. Looking at the famed start of the race, Tuna wonders if those waiters are serving beignets or joining the run. The Big Easty marks the 24th version of the 'Classic' in an old ceramic-tiled French Quarter placard proclaiming..."When New Orleans ran the streets to celebrate the life of Louisiana, the race bore the name Tuna is a widely heralded sports artis known for his portraits of professional athletes as well reproductions for the Super Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo. This year's print completes Tuna's trilogy of the CCC's millennium course.

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